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How to Increase Facebook Page Engagement Through Prediction/Q&A Post on Facebook

Here is how we increased our Facebook page engagement and you can do the same

Since Facebook's algorithm update in 2018, the organic reach for brands and publishers has decreased drastically. It has been very hard for brands and publishers to get organic reach which they used to have before.

Facebook has over 1 billion users worldwide and the number of users is increasing day by day which has the potential to increase your business, brand awareness, and sales, drive traffic to your website, and much more.

So, how can we reach more people organically when Facebook itself has declared that they give less priority to brands' and publishers' posts? This has been a great question mark for all brands and publishers.

We are using prediction post-campaign to increase brand awareness which you might be familiar with already. You might be thinking why we are mentioning the same technique which you already knew and are using the same. Right?

So here are a few questions for you before you go through this blog.

  • Are you reaching more people organically through your campaign?
  • Are you getting proper engagement?
  • Is your campaign giving what you want?
  • Is your campaign successful?

If not, you are the one who needs to go through this blog and implement it in yours.

I’m going to mention how we created a successful campaign by reaching more people organically with proper engagement and what we want.

Be clear about what you want!

To run a successful campaign, you should be clear on what you want from that, what is the objective of your campaign? The objective may be brand awareness, increasing sales, increasing page likes, driving traffic to a website, etc. If you are not clear about what you want, ask yourself, what do I want? and be clear first.
In our case brand awareness is our objective.

How to choose the topic for the campaign?

Now you are clear on what you want. To run a successful campaign you should follow the trends. To identify the current trends, you can use a free tool like Google Trends to identify what is trending. You might have more than one/two trends that are equally popular in your area. In that case, you should be able to identify which helps you more to get closer to your objective and pick that one.

We used the same tool to find what was trending. We searched many terms and finally found EPL is trending high as you can see in the picture below.

SoftNEP being a fan of football, it was an easy decision for us to pick this topic.

After catching this trending topic, we created the caption and eye-catching design and published our post.

Now you might be thinking, Shit! How can I drive traffic/increase sales using this?

I have an example of this too.

If you are selling your products through Facebook or have an online store, Q&A would be the best for you.

You can run a campaign like this by placing detailed information about your product and links to your website which not only boosts your sales but also drives traffic and increases the link shared on Facebook which also helps you to rank higher in Google.

You can choose trending topics as well.

How to reach more people and get high engagement?

According to Financial TimesMarketing Land, and Kurt Gessler, organic reach and engagement are decreased by over 50%.
You have been hearing that content is king. First focus on quality design and caption that attracts your users. Your design should look exclusive.


Only good captions and attractive designs do not work on Facebook. You should focus on creating an audience on the topic you are posting and posting time as well to reach more people.

How do we build our target audience and get high engagement?

When we started, we did not have the audience for the prediction post-campaign. We were not getting any engagement when we published our first prediction post. We thought about spending some bucks on Facebook to build our target audience. We only got 8 shares, 33 comments, and 693 reactions after spending 3 bucks on Facebook.


You are seeing a high reaction here but in the case of our country (Nepal), when you run paid campaigns, getting likes on your post is simple. People even don’t know the posts they are liking and the pages they are following. How many of you have felt the same? Please comment down below. I’m eager to know if it is only me to feel this or if you do too.

This is very low. You should be careful about your target audience while you are running a paid campaign on Facebook. Again, we published the 2nd post and narrowed our target audience to paid promotion on this post to reach a specific audience. We also shared a different football niche group. And finally got 22 shares, 39 comments, and 881 reactions.

We have built a few target audiences now, and we stopped paid promotions and focused on organic ways to build more target audiences. We published another prediction post and found the 5 most active groups where our target audience is active and shared our post in those groups. We got 38 reactions, 39 shares, and 46 comments without running a paid campaign. 

I was finding more ways to increase engagement and did experiments by publishing the post on different times and I got this result.

Note: Time Format is in (GMT+5:45) Nepal Time.

Finally, we got 79 shares, 85 comments, and 79 reactions without running paid campaign and without sharing our post in any groups.

We also have many other publishers’ Facebook pages. I analyzed the active time of fans on all pages and computed their average. Don’t worry I have shared this with you too.

What should you do?

Identify the trending topics/Q&A, and design an exclusive banner for your post. Keep in mind, only publishing an eye-catching banner does not work on Facebook. You should build your target audience. If you do not have a target audience, you should start by running paid campaigns for a few posts (choose only a specific audience on your paid campaign).

Now, you should find where your target audience is most active and try to share your post in those groups/forums.

Only having exclusive design, running paid promotions and sharing your post on active groups do not perform well. After building your target audience, you should focus on timing. When is your target audience mostly online? I have shared this detail above.

You can implement and analyze yourself on your page. That will be more specific for you than the one we shared. You can refer to the data above.

Please comment down below, on how you are trying to increase your Facebook engagement. We would love to hear from you.


BY: Sushant Nepal

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