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Web Developers in Nepal

Web Development Companies and Web Developers in Nepal

You may be hearing a lot about website designers and web developers in Nepal these days, thanks to the digital shift that is finally happening in Nepal. While Nepal is still far behind in this sector when compared to how India and the Philippines have grown in the last few years, the rise of the web development agencies like SoftNEP in Kathmandu - and other major towns of Nepal depict a very promising picture for this land-locked nation.

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But hey, just hold on for a bit!
Before you assume that I am going to provide the stats on the annual revenue from this sector or the number of web design companies being registered each year, let me tell you this blog is not about those numbers. Instead in this blog, I am trying to bring you an up-close and personal experience of a Nepali freelancer, Mr. Aryan Twanju.

Nepal has a huge community of developers working as freelancers from the comfort of their homes and I thought it will be pretty nice to feature someone working that way.

My criteria for choosing Aryan were pretty simple and straightforward though. First I made a list of Nepali Web Developers that showed up on Google in the first 3 pages and once the names were short-listed I emailed them a set of questions individually. Some replied some said they were pretty busy and some of the interactions weren’t that interesting enough. So of all of them, I decided to share this very conversation. This should give you an idea about the true state of web developers in Nepal.

Sunil Rijal: When and why did you decide that you wanted a freelance career over a job? 
Aryan: I decided to switch from a job to a freelance career after working in various companies for over 3 years. One of the most important things that convinced me to make this decision is the fact that no matter how well you perform or be loyal to a company, they are always ready to fire you anytime when it would be good for the company. After all, starting your own business is way better than working for a company.

SR: Do you think freelance web developers in Nepal are seen as celebrity internet experts? 
Aryan: I don’t think freelance web developers in Nepal are or should be seen as celebrities for any reason. If someone believes they should be seen that way, my thought is, that is a mistake. Freelancers are common people who decided and dared to build their careers a different way.

SR: What is the greatest challenge that you have come across as a freelance web developer? 
Aryan: One of the greatest challenges in a freelance career is uncertainty in getting new projects consistently and the next one is the creativity burn-out that the freelancers come across after working alone as a freelancer for a long time.

SR: What is the best thing that you like about your freelance career? 
Aryan: I am the boss of my own when I am a freelancer and I can manage my life (both professional and personal) in the way I want them to be. However, it is not totally free from certain drawbacks.

SR: What skills do you think are required to be a successful freelancer? 
Aryan: Besides the technical skills, the most important ones are great communication skills and being trustworthy, understanding, and having an influential attitude.

SR: Is there a piece of work that you’re particularly proud of? 
Aryan: I don’t take it as being proud, but a couple of clients I have been happier to work for visits Nepal (US-based), OpenForce (US-based), 8Square (Malaysian-based), Faceoff (mobile app), and a few others.

SR: Would you ever work for a company or an organization where you could enjoy human interaction or you would prefer to continue working alone? 
Aryan: It surely is monotonous when working alone for really long periods. I might think of joining a company in case I get an offer from an ideal company because working in a team is always exciting.  However, I would prefer working alone to joining a company.

SR: What would you say to aspiring web developers? Do you have any advice or tips? 
Aryan: When you are in the IT business, sooner or later you have to start on your own. So gain as many technical skills as possible before you jump into freelancing. And remember, making your clients happy in every aspect is going to be the key selling point for your next project.

Is there anything else that you would want to know more about Aryan or our Nepali web developers? Please post them below and I shall gladly reach out and update the blog accordingly.


BY: Sunil Rijal

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